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Tourism Minister says no deadline revision for Signature Bridge project

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Tourism Minister Mr. Gautam issue the directions to complete the work by  December 2017 at the decade-long Signature Bridge project

₹1,600-crore bridge project, was proposed to connect the northern and eastern extremities like Trans Delhi Signature City (Tronica City), Soniya Vihar, Khajuri and  Bhajan Pura  to the Capital, may push the completion date beyond December 2017 due to facing of budgetary constraints.

Mr. Gautam, visited the project site on Wednesday and said that project is in last stage and has sought around ₹250 crore and eight more months for completion, also said that there will not be any revision of deadline.

Mr. Gautam also told that the contractor is demanding more funds and we are consulting with the experts to see whether it is justified. Also told that the contractor cited some more reasons for delay in which workers had encountered a big rock under the Yamuna and they require some machines from abroad to remove it.

This is not the first delay, the Signature Bridge was proposed in 1997 with the initial budget of ₹464 crore and announced in 2004 with modified estimate or ₹1131 crore and passed in cabinet in 2007 and set to be completed at the time of commonwealth game which was to be held in October 2010, while it obtained environmental clearance in 2011 and was set to be completed by December 2013. As of 2015, the cost of the project had gone up to ₹1,594 crore, The date of completion again pushed to June 2016 and then after July 2017 and further pushed to December 2017.

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