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Delhi High court directed to the Centre and Delhi Govt to place affidavit for timeline of the Signature Bridge

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दिल्ली उच्च न्यायालय ने केंद्र और दिल्ली को सिग्नेचर पुल की समयसीमा के लिए हलफनामा देने का आदेश

Travel through Wazirabad to northeast Delhi with the two-lane Wazirabad-Trans Delhi Signature City bridge catering to more than five lakh vehicles daily. It takes between 45 minutes to an hour to cross the bridge which connects Outer Ring Road to Khajuri, Yamuna Vihar, Trans Delhi Signature City, Loni and Ghaziabad.

According to traffic police officers, Managing the traffic on the bridge, is a tough task. More than a dozen traffic police personnel are deployed to regulate the vehicles. The bridge is turned into a one-way stretch for 10 minutes for vehicles from each side to pass the vehicles, alternately on each direction, that continue through the day. A senior traffic police officer said, \”If we do not do so, the entire stretch will come to a standstill.\”

This bridge built in 1968, was originally meant for one – way traffic for the vehicles from UP and Haryana. The volume of traffic is likely to increase by almost 20 percent once Delhi – Meerut Expressway becomes operational.This bridge on Wazirabad is the only option for commuters heading to Khajuri Khas, Sonia Vihar or Tronica City and Awas Vikas Parshads residential scheme Mandola Vihar. Otherwise, passenger would have to take a 5km longer route through Shastri Park via Pushta Road. The Signature Bridge is near completion, this bridge on Wazirabad Barrage will make the connectivity batter for these areas.

Honorable Delhi High court recently hauled up the Centre and the Delhi AAP government for the mess and asked the chief secretary to direct the concern authorities to examine the problem and find a solution.The Bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C.Hari Shankar has also directed the Centre and the Delhi Government to place on affidavit the timeline of the construction and completion of the Signature Bridge.

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