Toll Plaza will be at Mandola for Akshardham-Saharanpur National Highway 709B and Delhi Dehradun E-Corridor Expressway, reach Tronica City within 30 minutes

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The construction of Akshardham Baghpat’s highway has been started and the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has selected the site for construction of toll plaza near Trans Delhi Signature City. The name of this place has been given to ministry of road and transportation. Due to corona the construction of this Highway has been delayed already by an year the aim of completing the Highway is still 2023 so the work is speeding up. The NHAI has been given 5.65 hectares of land which will be beneficial for the people to get connected easily to Delhi. They can reach Akshardham in less than 30 minutes.

The NHAI has divided the construction of the 32 kilometers highway into two parts, 15km stretch from Delhi’s Akshardham to Trans Delhi Signature City (Tronica City) in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and second 17km stretch from Trans Delhi Signature City to Baghpat. The Delhi to Baghpat section is proposed to be developed with 12 lanes that could also be used to accommodate local traffic, with six lanes of the highway dedicated to long distance travelers.

The highway will have four more phases to further connect Baghpat to Dehradun and are in various stages of completion. The first one from Baghpat to Saharanpur and moreover it is speeding up the work and in many parts the work has been completed. The other section is from Saharanpur to Dehradun although people are struggling to reach Dehradun and stuck in jam for hours but this Highway will lead to reach Dehradun fast. These Highways will be connected through Eastern peripheral expressway and will make easy approach to UPSIDA’s Tronica city and UPAVP’s Mandola vihar pariyojna.

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