Signature Bridge the gateway of Tronica City (Trans Delhi Signature City)

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The much-delayed Signature Bridge which was first conceptulised in 2004, is on the verge of completion

The much-delayed Signature Bridge over Yamuna River on Wazirabad, which was first conceptulised in 2004, is on the verge of completion. however, the state government, is still to come with a concrete plan to develop its surroundings. The Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) proposed that the space close to the bridge would also be developed as a picnic destination, soon after the completion of the bridge construction, in second phase. However, the concerned departments are yet to finalise a plan. A government official said the issue was flagged recently with the concerned officials. the bridge construction project is in its final phase and may be completed by April 2017.
the recreational facilities such as water sports, boating, open-air theater, food plazas with promenades and winding walkways at Yamuna bank to attract a larger number of tourists, had planned by the previous Sheila Dikshit government. The area is also to be rejuvenated as a habitat for avian and aquatic life.

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